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Electric locomotives arrived Ethiopia
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On 13 Dec. 2015, 22 electric locomotives arrived Djibouti port. This marks the Ethiopian railway will step forward into the electrification era.

Government officials from Ethiopia and Djibouti held a grand ceremony to receive the locomotives in the port of Djibouti in that day.

The 22 electric locomotives, of which 19 units for freight, 3 for passenger, will be put into operation in Ethiopia, Djibouti cross-border railway, which has landmark significance, to lay a solid foundation for a railway official operation.

The new line of Ethiopia and Djibouti is 850km long. A new 7,200kw electric loco is able to haul a train with 3,500-4,000-ton goods, which can promote the export of key commodities such as Ethiopia coffee and sesame.

CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd was awarded the contract of 35 electric locomotives in 2014. Other locomotives will come to Ethiopian according to schedule.

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