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Ming ding Advantage
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Ming ding Advantage

(一)Business advantage
1、Regional advantages:  my company is located in zhuzhou city tianyuan area small and medium-sized enterprises to promote campus, away from CSR zhuzhou electric locomotive co., LTD., travel less than 30 minutes, the transportation is convenient, quick information transmission, simplicity of technology exchanges and cooperation in a timely manner. Zhuzhou city is an industrial city, a national center of railway transportation, the market operation and grasp the policy guidance have a certain advantage and advantage.

2、Service advantages:
First, timely delivery. Our company can not only product delivery order according to user requirements, temporary emergency and ensure to meet customer requirements, provide timely services;

Second, the after-sales service. Problems arising from the customers in the use process, and a variety of needs, our company can arrived in time, and timely and effective treatment; All tests and provide site, for your company provides a wide range of support and convenience for the system components failure analysis.

Third,technology research and development cooperation and on-site technical services. Our company invest a lot of money and manpower, and actively with seedlings machine machine company technology center, electrical equipment company and other units cooperation developed new products, at the same time in the process of installation, debugging and use our company service personnel can carry out technical guidance and timely performance in tracking service.

3、price advantage
Along with the further our bilateral strategic cooperation, and an increase in the number of product variety, all the expenses in gradually reduce, in the long run, we can provide better quality, more cost-effective products and services.

(二) the technology advantage

The company has an excellent design and development team, has developed a new project of new products with your company. The current development of form a complete set of products with your company has 18 varieties (one product has loading operation 14, is installed loading of four), is developed by six. I company will stand at a strategic height, as usual, better meet customer's new project development and market development needs. The products of the company existing 16 (an invention patent technology, are five items to declare, bilateral strategic sharing, can provide more technical support and services.

The company has a mature and stable production technology and capacity, testing, testing facilities complete, has the capability of sustainable development and batch production.

(三)The quality advantage

With product continuous technical improvement in recent years, the continuous improvement of the management, product design, process, process control and improved greatly with the quality of after-sales service, etc. That company employees' consciousness of product quality and customer first got the sublimation, quality assurance system in continuous improvement and improvement of product quality traceability path clear, more accurate to perfect the quality records file. Through a lot of loading operation. Since March 2011 the production of various products, failure rate is extremely low, stable and reliable quality.

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