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                                           General manager: Zhang Shucheng

Hunan Ming ding technology co., LTD. Was established in December 2008, is located in zhuzhou city, hunan province LiYu west road of small and medium-sized enterprises promote park, has a good design, development, production, sales and after-sales service team, the existing staff of 28 people.

Company is mainly engaged in the design of hydraulic pneumatic components and systems development, production, sales and technical consulting and academic exchanges, and assume a variety of products (including imports) the maintenance and other business projects.

Days in April 2009, the company acquired the chengdu bo gen technology co., LTD., the days have a related project business of the company into the company.

Has been successfully designed and developed HXD series electric locomotive two the 3-way magnet valve (vacuum circuit breaker and its coil, joystick, flexible joint; High pressure isolation switch two five-way solenoid valve, cylinder, valve cylinder body; BSV safety interlock valve; Valve plate of pantograph, quick exhaust valve; Company controller valve, etc. Above after the ministry of railways product quality supervision and inspection center type test certificate test, has fully replace imported similar products, and equipment domestic electric locomotive and car, and has 16 (an invention patent technology, is the south car plant machine is the only official company related products suppliers.

Establish and improve the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, effective operation, and constantly improve.

My company to \"science and technology, quality first, excellence, customer satisfaction\" as quality policy, adhere to the scientific management, improve quality, optimize service, one after another for CSR zhuzhou electric locomotive co., LTD., CSR luoyang locomotive co., LTD and locomotives, such as the provision of quality and reliable products and components, have gained good reputation among the users.
In the face of fierce market competition and challenges, the company will seize the national implementation of large-scale development and the historical opportunity of the China railway high-speed development, further emancipate the mind, renew the idea, strengthen the management, better service to the rail transit in China. My company will, as always, with friends from all walks of life extensive contact, sincerely cooperate with domestic and international, make contributions to the development of China's national industry.

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